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Hi everyone! It’s (the other!) Sara here. I am super excited to be the newest contributor to The HabCo team, and even more excited that I’ll be sharing lots of yummy content to the blog! If you live and breathe interior design, like we do, and you haven’t discovered these YouTube channels yet, you are in for a treat today! 

There is so much inspiration online and Pinterest is my definite go-to, but there is nothing that beats being able to actually watch other designers work their magic and learn their processes behind it. Today I’m sharing our Top 10 favorite YouTube channels geared towards Interior Design.

Studio Mcgee

Studio McGee is based out of Utah and was started by husband and wife, Shea and Syd Mcgee. Their web series are fairly new to the YouTube world but they are put together in such a beautiful way that I promise you will be hooked and want to watch the same episodes over and over. They share design tips and home tours that highlight their unique aesthetic. If you follow them on Instagram, then you'll know what I mean.

House and Home

House and Home is an interior design brand and magazine from Canada. It’s very refreshing to see the designer’s Canadian influence on all of their designs. The home tours are addictive to watch because each one is unique to each deisgner. I have yet to find a design reveal on here that I don’t love!

Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds Renovations was created by three Australian Moms who quit their corporate jobs to renovate and flip residential homes. They are hilarious to watch and I love how the homes they design are bright, fun, and always complemented with the signature Aussie laid-back vibe.

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is one of our favorite designers so it’s obvious why her YouTube channel makes this list! Her channel features “how-to’s”, room makeovers, and lots of useful home styling tips.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy’s channel features on-trend DIY home décor projects as well as home tours of some super chic apartments around the world.

Mr. Kate

There’s not much to say about Mr. Kate other than she is hilariously and creatively brilliant! She designs killer rooms and is a DIY queen. Her “OMG We’re Coming Over” series on her channel is one of my favorites to watch because she decorates rooms for other famous You Tubers and each one has their own unique style. You will be hooked, promise.

Jenna Sue

Jenna Sue recently flipped an old cottage in the mountains and documented the entire process on YouTube. Her style is very unique and sort of reminds me of a more feminine version of the homes that Joanna Gaines designs. She DIYed a lot of the projects in the cottage and created videos to show how she completed each of them. The before and after’s are so, so good! 

Karin Bohn

If you’re looking to become an entrepreneur and start your own interior design business, Karin Bohn’s channel will be your new favorite. She gets into the ups and downs of running her own business and lets you follow her day-to-day journey of being a busy entrepreneur. She recently started a new series on her channel that I’m really excited to follow called “Bohnafide”, which documents her own home renovation.



HGTV is already an addictive channel if you’re a fan of interior design but their YouTube Channel has even more exciting stuff to watch. They have lots of DIY’s and behind the scenes with the designers they feature on their TV shows (hi, Joanna Gaines!). 


There are tons of videos to watch on the Houzz channel but my favorite is the “My Houzz” series, where celebrities (Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and even Ludacris!) makeover rooms in a friend or family member’s house using designers they find through Houzz.

And that concludes our Top 10 - happy viewing!! We'd love to know what your favorites are too - leave us a comment below if we've missed any good ones! 

Xo Sara E


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