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Nightstand Roundup: 15 of Our Favorites for a Bedroom Upgrade in 2024

Updated: Apr 11

One of the most common requests we hear from our clients is that they would love their homes to feel 'calm and peaceful.' And we totally get it! Our homes should feel like our sanctuary, our happy place, and somewhere that helps us to unwind after a long day. At the top of the list, we believe that our bedrooms should be the most serene space in the house, in which we can drift off within seconds of our heads hitting the pillow.

Creating a well-organized and clutter-free bedroom through the use of stylish storage is the key to achieving the level of zen we are all searching for. When we design a bedroom, we love the process of clearing out the unnecessary items we all tend to collect along the way and lean into a minimalist design with great storage options.

Updating your bedroom furniture might seem like a herculean task to take on by yourself, but choosing to replace one piece at a time can take the stress out of the process. It's not always possible, and definitely not necessary to transform your bedroom in one go. So here we are to help with taking that first step to achieve the bedroom of your dreams, one beautiful piece at a time, starting with a round-up of 15 of our favorite nightstands.

A white bedroom with an iron four poster bed and a whitewashed wood nightstand.

Design by The Habitat Collective, Photography by Christine Michelle Photography

A white bedroom with vertical wall paneling, a white upholstered bed and a warm oak nightstand with leather handles.

Design by The Habitat Collective, Photography by Trevo Studios


Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite!


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