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6 Ways to Organize Your Space This Year

Updated: Mar 4

The start of the new year has come and gone and if you’re one of the thousands (dare we say millions??) of people who has made it their “new year’s resolution” to tidy up their home, we’ve got you covered! From baskets and ottomans to appliance garages, we’ve rounded up a list of stylish yet savvy storage options to implement all around your home. The best thing about all the items we’ve listed is that they add a level of convenience to everyday life – and who doesn’t need a bit of that these days!



We love adding a catchall bowl to our entryway tables. For photoshoots, they get spruced up with pretty beads, but day-to-day they work wonders for collecting keys, wallets, and sunglasses as you walk through the door. Having a dedicated place to drop things in the entry means fewer random piles throughout the house.

Caitlin Flemming The Habitat Collective | Christine Michelle Photography

Chango & Co




Storage ottomans are great, natural additions for spaces like playrooms and nurseries because of their soft upholstery and because they're easy for small children to use and access (meaning, the toys may actually get stashed away!) We also love them in living rooms where a little extra storage is needed, and built-ins, freestanding cabinets and big baskets aren't possible - like this living space from #projectmakinganentrance.

The Habitat Collective | Christine Michelle Photography




Built-in seating is one of our favorite ways to cozy up your home vibe, and it gets bonus points as a great space saver! We love taking advantage of the space below the seat and design our benches with some extra storage drawers, or lift-tops to stash things away.

Heidi Caillier Design Katie Hodges Design

The Habitat Collective | Christine Michelle Photography



You can never have too many baskets! Coffee tables with open bases are perfect for tucking baskets below, which can serve as easy-access toy storage for little ones or as a place to stash extra blankets. Additionally, baskets tucked below a console or bench in an entryway can help with corralling things like shoes, dog leashes, raincoats, etc.

The Habitat Collective | Christine Michelle Photography

The Habitat Collective | Christine Michelle Photography The Habitat Collective | Christine Michelle Photography




If you’re looking for a quick (and affordable) way to freshen things up, trays are the easiest way to level-up your décor and make your surfaces feel less cluttered. Containing multiple items to a tray (versus just grouping them together) can instantly upgrade any counter space. We love to use trays on kitchen counters with salt/pepper grinders, small prep bowls, oil cruets, and utensil canisters or on coffee tables with plant pots, coasters, and candles. It also works well for bathroom countertops!

ALL: The Habitat Collective | Christine Michelle Photography

The Habitat Collective | Christine Michelle Photography




Appliance garages are a game changer! If you have a kitchen remodel coming up, we highly recommend exploring the addition of an appliance garage in your new space. They help to clear counters of small appliances, like the coffee maker, toaster, mixer, etc. (which, let's be honest, aren't usually the most beautiful items) so the focus stays on your beautiful kitchen, all while keeping appliances within reach. An important thing to keep in mind: make sure to have an outlet installed at the back of the cabinet so they're ready to use without having to move them or mess with cords!

Erin Kestenbaum

Humphrey Munson Humphrey Munson

Let us know in the comments how you’ve refreshed and re-organized your space in the new year!


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